St. John RTW Spring 2019


St. John presented a some-more streamlined and neat collection during an insinuate cocktail display in place of a salon appointment for open 2019. The code felt even some-more towering with mostly mannequins dressed in neutrals during a forefront of a floor-to-ceiling walls of a Glass Houses penthouse venue.

“We suspicion highlighting black, navy and white only arrange of synthesized and streamlined it to a conformation and form — to prominence slacks, jackets, dresses. There’s tons some-more tone as good though,” explained Tom Jarrold, a brand’s comparison clamp boss of marketing, branding and communications.

The silhouettes were light and easy: a prolonged caftan continued from review was updated in white, though also offering brief and in burning red. Transparencies done for critical sum in a collection on dresses and blazers. The code is creation due industry to keep new collections tighten to the core DNA — stability prolonged line and tweed jackets, a far-reaching array of “New Standard” basics, and dresses — while progressing a reduction embellished, firmly edited and focused proceed going forward.


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