Tanya Taylor Pre-Fall 2019


“Lisbon is a coolest, it’s like a melting pot of all of your opposite cities.…It doesn’t feel like it’s entirely finalized a identity, that we love, since you’re still finding and it’s not like each traveller is during a same place,” engineer Tanya Taylor pronounced of her initial outing to Portugal in August. From her travels, Taylor brought behind a breezy, coastal suggestion and infused it into her latest pre-fall collection.

Shapes felt purify and fresh, cut slimmer with flirty open-back sum or somewhat puffed sleeves in place of a expected contentment of ruffles. “Everything only felt so easy and soothing and kind of feminine,” Tanya described of Portugal, that she infused into her line à la a palette of classical blues (from navy to “minty-turquoise”) and purples in several suave floral prints, as good as black-and-white polka dots, on easy dresses and flowy skirts. Newness came by knits: electric orange pointelle and chunky, striped terry-cloth-matching cardigans and small cropped sweaters, sporty weave dresses.

Taylor dull out a collection with a organisation of red and blue surfer étoile printed pieces desirous by her time during Gigi’s Beach Bar in a Portuguese Algarve region. The collection embodied Taylor outline of her girl: “A small quirky, a small playful.”


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