Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Cazzie David Enjoyed Some White Wine Together


Taylor Swift, who’s kept her patrol off her Instagram and out of a spotlight lately, was feeling inexhaustible tonight. The thespian common a snap of herself, Selena Gomez, and Cazzie David unresolved out, presumably in Los Angeles. “20wineteen,” Swift captioned a shot—because since not use a crafty pun?

This is a initial time Gomez and Swift have been seen together in months and one of a initial times David has been seen with either.

Both Gomez and Swift were speckled in California progressing this week. Gomez was photographed horseback roving and generally vital her best life with friends yesterday. Swift attended a Golden Globes Sunday and stopped by mixed after parties with her beloved Joe Alwyn.

The Critics’ Choice Awards are Sunday, that Alwyn and his The Favourite expel members are approaching to attend, definition Swift will also expected sojourn in L.A. for a week.

Gomez and Swift’s final high-profile debate before currently was during Swift’s Reputation debate in May. On stage, Gomez sexually spoke about how many Swift’s loyalty meant to her.

“I have to contend appreciate we to my best crony of about 12 years, roughly 13, and a reason since she has been one of my best friends is since this chairman has never ever judged a singular preference I’ve made,” Gomez told a track then. “She’s always met me where I’ve been. She’s speedy me when I’ve had zero to be speedy about, and we don’t know if we would be as clever as we am if we didn’t have we and your family since you’ve altered my life. And—she’s going to kill me after—but honestly, appreciate we for a bottom of my heart for ancillary someone who we know is a many beautiful, strong, eccentric lady I’ve ever met. So appreciate we as a best friend.”


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