That Awkward Moment The Weeknd Caught Another Girl’s Bra in Front of Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid took a mangle from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show prep in New York City final night to be with The Weeknd in Canada during his Toronto concert. It was a lovable understanding partner gesture…and one that came with a warn ungainly impulse during a show. While The Weeknd was singing on stage, a lady threw a bra on stage. “You’re going to get me in difficulty out here, we guys,” he quipped given Hadid was there in a back.

The Weeknd picked a bra adult and lifted it before a crowd. Then he tossed it out to them and resumed his singing as if a occurrence never happened:

Hadid seemed unfazed via a show. She was seen smiling and dancing in a back, even when The Weeknd directly serenaded her.


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