The 10 "Basic" Home Décor Items Interior Designers Will Always Love


The tenure “basic” has gotten a bad swat in new years. Although it conjures adult images of “boring” décor equipment like neutral rugs and white sofas, we’d disagree that these basis (or, as we cite to call them, undying staples) lay a grounds for facilely stylish spaces. To find out that “basic” home décor equipment will never go out of style, we decided to consult a pros.

Though we do cruise ourselves something of décor experts here during MyDomaine, we are advantageous adequate to have some of a industry’s heading interior designers on speed dial (so to speak). So, we tapped nothing other than Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design, Courtney Nye of Courtney Nye Design, Nashville-based engineer Sarah Bartholomew, Shea McGee of Studio McGee, and Leanne Ford of HGTV’s Restored by a Fords to import in on a topic.

We weren’t disappointed. From a non-basic simple list flare to a covetable tabletop appendage that creates each dish feel special, keep scrolling to emporium the staple pieces the pros will always love.


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