The After-Christmas Sale We’ve Been Waiting for Is Almost Here


Other than a additional time we get to spend with a families, a second best thing about a holidays are the after-Christmas sales. And Nordstrom’s famous for hosting a Beyoncé of all sales — a Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

On Dec 24 during 9 p.m. PST, a online deals will finally drop. Last year, we found copiousness of dresses underneath $60, timeless winter boots severely noted down, and Gucci (yes, tangible Gucci) on bonus — all deals that would make any conform lover’s heart skip a beat.

This year, we’re awaiting things to be only as major. The brand’s already gearing adult for a large eventuality and has bookmarked some pre-sale deals here. On a register you’ll find all from friendly sweaters to keep we comfortable to beauty essentials that’ll have your skin intense via a winter.

Take a hide look during some of a already-discounted goodies ahead, and get prepared to emporium ’til we drop.

VIDEO: See What InStyle’s Beauty Editor Bought From Nordstrom’s Sale



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