The Best Home Gifts of a Season We Asked Interior Designer Robin Standefer


“Some of these eyeglasses are 25 years old,” says engineer Robin Standefer, gesturing around a kitchen of her loft in Manhattan’s East Village. “I’ve been carrying them around forever.” Standefer and Stephen Alesch, her pattern partner and husband, are behind some of New York’s chicest interiors, and their customer list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood. The pair’s home is filled with an equally cold brew of engaging objects, including a taxidermic hedgehog, a ceramic chestnut, and Standefer’s large collection of glassware. Her new and selected glasses, vases, and bottles crawl from a kitchen china cupboard and brief onto circuitously countertops.

“Part of a reason we started a Guild was there was nowhere to keep them anymore, so we pronounced we should make a store!” True to form, a Roman and Williams Guild New York sells equipment handpicked by a couple, and it also houses La Mercerie, their instant-hit café. “I adore a thought of someone entrance in, shopping something, and me being means to say, ‘I owned that for a while, and I’m so happy we adore it.’”

Robin Standefer

“If I’m propitious we horde a cooking celebration and have all a same glasses, though that frequency happens. we only collect things that mix.

Robin Standefer

“I adore that potion comes from silt — there’s a transformative peculiarity and a genuine metamorphosis.”

Robin Standefer

“Glass has an ability to orchestrate with itself. So many opposite styles work together.”

Robin Standefer


Yoshihiro Nishiyama Pitcher   Keiko Lee Sake Glass

Janbaz Vase

Crate  Barrel Cutting Board

Chan Luu Earrings

Williams Sonoma Candles

The White Company Candle Holder

Jayson Home Brass Snake Sculpture




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