The best Lego deals for Cyber Monday 2018


It’s Cyber Monday and there are good deals all over a web. Whether you’re shopping for yourself to build over Christmas, or as a gift, we’ve dull adult a best Lego Cyber Monday deals around.

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Cyber Monday UK discerning links

Below are discerning links true to a Black Friday Lego deals pages for a tip UK retailers – though do check out a highlighted deals.

  • Amazon Cyber Week
  • Currys PC World Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday
  • Argos Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • John Lewis Black Friday
  • Black Friday

Best Lego deals on Lego Store

Lego has a few deals on a possess store for several sets, with several saying 20 per cent off. Here are some of a best ones we have selected:

Lego Batman Movie 70922 Joker Manor for £199, save £50 (was £249.99): The Joker Manor is packaged with iconic sum from a film and functions, including a rollercoaster surrounding a whole building, a buildable Joker conduct with trapdoor and slide, punching fighting gloves, a rocking Joker pointer and rotating large eye tower. View this understanding on Lego.

Lego Speed Champions 75889 Ferrari Ultimate Garage for £71.99, save £18 (was £89.99): The Lego Ferrari Ultimate Garage set has a with a workshop/museum, attachable racetrack territory and Lego Speed Champions versions of a classical Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 488 GTE and ancestral Ferrari 312 T4 cars. View a understanding on Lego.

Best Lego deals on John Lewis

John Lewis has countless Lego deals in a Black Friday eventuality with copiousness of assets to be had on several sets including Harry Potter and Creator sets. These are some of a best deals value looking at:

 Lego Harry Potter 75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow and 75950 Aragog’s Lair Bundle for £54.99, save £12.99 (was £67.98): You save by shopping a gold here, with a Hogwarts Whomping Willow set featuring a three-level Hogwarts palace territory with a gate, dormitory, potions classroom and Severus Snape’s office. View this understanding on John Lewis.

• Lego Creator 10214 Tower Bridge for £174.99, save £35 (was £209.99): Build London’s Tower Bridge with this Lego set. It facilities a iconic interconnected towers and a drawbridge that indeed opens and closes. You can also take it detached in sections if we need to pierce it. View this understanding on John Lewis.

Lego City 60197 Passenger Train for £79.99, save £26 (was £106): This Lego City set has a motorised engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control. The driver’s cabin has an opening window, twin cars with removable roofs, there are seats and tables and there is a full round lane with 16 winding and 4 true rails. View this understanding on John Lewis.

• Lego Star Wars 75192 Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon for £549.99, save £100 (was £649.99): This Lego set consists of over 7500 pieces and it includes 4 classical organisation minifigures, 3 Episode VII/VIII organisation minifigures, along with a BB-8 droid, twin buildable Ports and a buildable Mynock. View offer on John Lewis.

Best Lego deals on Argos

There are a few Lego deals on Argos for Black Friday including a few Star Wars sets. These are a best Lego Black Friday deals on Argos to check out:

• Lego Star Wars 75190 First Order Star Destroyer Toy for £82.99, save £47 (was £129.99): The First Order Star Destroyer has armour detailing, 8 timber shooters and open-out panels divulgence a minute interior. It comes with 5 minifigures including Supreme Leader Snoke and First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant and twin droids. There are over 1400 pieces so it will keep we bustling for a while. View this understanding on Argos.

• Lego City 60200 Capital Toy Town Construction Set for £69.99, save £50 (was £119.99): The Capital Toy Town Construction Set has a two-story hotel, museum construction site, kiosk, charging station, 6 vehicles, a movement ramp with hoop and it comes with 13 minifigures. See this offer on Argos.

• Lego Friends 41343 Heartlake Airplane Tour for £18.99, save £11 (was £29.99): This Lego Friends set has a propeller craft with an atmosphere trade control tower, a break list with bar stools and a refuelling station. It comes with an Olivia mini-doll figure, as good as Zobo a drudge and Rumble a hamster. View this understanding on Argos.

• Lego Ninjago Movie 70618 Destiny’s Bounty for £59.99, save £40 (was £99.99): This Destiny’s Bounty set facilities wind-up-and-release anchors, Wi’s dojo and bedroom, dark ninja weapons and it comes with 7 minifigures. View offer on Argos.

• Lego Jurassic World 75931 Dilophosaurus Attack Dinosaur Toy for £27.99, save £17 (was £44.99): This Lego Jurassic World set features a hunters’ outpost blockade with bursting embankment and wall functions and a mobile derrick with crate. It comes with 3 minifigures and twin dinosaur figures. See this understanding on Argos.

• Lego 75189 Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker Toy for £109.99, save £20 (was £129.99): The First Order Heavy Assault Walker Toy has posable legs, spring-loaded shooters, a rapid-fire timber shooter, detachable canisters and ammo. It comes with 5 mini total including Captain Poe Dameron, Rey and a Resistance Trooper. View this offer on Argos.

• Lego 70655 Ninjago Dragon Pit Ninja Heroes Toy for £89.99, save £30 (was £119.99): This Ninjago Dragon Pit set has 3 detachable sections including a observation gallery, watchtower and a jail with a trapdoor function. It comes with 9 minifigures and there is a throne, gate-opening duty and twin barb shooter, as good as a posable dragon. View this offer on Argos.

• Lego 75218 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Toy Building Set for £71.99, save £18 (was £89.99): This X-Wing Starfighter set has stud/spring installed shooters, a journey and conflict mode function, Red Five and Red Three decoration. It comes with twin minifigures and twin droid figures. View this offer on Argos.

• Lego 41340 Friends Heartlake Friendship House Building Set for £45.49, save £14 (was £59.99): This set facilities a kitchen, bedroom with goal screen, rooftop prohibited tub, opening terrace, fireman’s stick and copiousness more. It is suitable for ages 6 and over and it comes with twin walkie-talkie accessors, tools, a guitar, popcorn, pizza and teapot. View this offer on Argos.

Best Lego deals on Very

Very has tonnes of Lego deals on a site, including several Star Wars sets, as good as Jurassic World sets. Here are some of a good deals value looking at:

Lego Jurassic World 75930 Indoraptor Rampage during Lockwood Estate for £99.99, save £20 (was £119.99): This Indoraptor Rampage during Lockwood Estate Lego set has an office, bedroom with a bed, laboratory area with museum arrangement and a collapsible roof. It comes with 6 minifigures and it also includes a buildable triceratops skull. View this offer on Very.

• Lego Star Wars 75187 BB-8 for £67.99, save £17 (was £84.99): Build a super lovable chronicle of Lego section chronicle of BB-8 with a wheel-activated rotating conduct and an opening induce with a non-functioning welding torch, along with a arrangement stand, fact board and BB-8 minifigure. View this understanding on Very.

• Lego City 60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base for £64.99, save £20 (was £84.99): This Lego set has a crane, trailer, platform, mobile saw, lab and a sleet bike. It also comes with 6 minifigures and a huge figure. View this understanding on Very.


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