The Best Sports Bras for Every Chest Size and Workout


Whether you’re an AA or D+ crater size, a good (no, great!) sports bra is essential when violation a sweat. Fashun is an apparent partial of a equation, though some-more critical is a gentle fit that supports your girls. When selling for a ideal bra it’s critical to figure out what kind of activity you’ll be doing (HITT? Zumba? Running?) and emporium from there. Ideally, if a examination is anything some-more heated than a elementary yoga or pilates category we choice would be bra-sized. If that’s not an option, find one that is a thick rope opposite a bottom to yield we a additional support you’ll need.

Here, a favorites for each chest size—goodbye rebound back, digging, and uniboob.

For gals with smaller chest sizes, a universe is kind of your oyster. Working out is a zephyr since we don’t have a combined highlight of gripping your tatas in place, though sports bras can mostly be a bit boring. Our suggestion? Go with options that are confidant in tone or engaging in figure as they’ll supplement seductiveness to your subsequent persperate session.

If we find yourself in a medium distance crater range, select bras that yield a small some-more coverage —especially if your examination includes any jumping or tortuous over—to equivocate any slippage.

When you’re a D crater or above finding a right sports bra becomes some-more about duty than conform quite when you’re logging loads of miles or hunker jumping like your life depends on it. ELLE’s character director, Nikki Ogunnaike, advise bras with molded cups and underwire to reason we in place.


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