The Cute Glass Water Bottles Celebs Love Are 30 Percent Off Right Now


At a time when a million cosmetic bottles are bought per notation (and 91 percent of all cosmetic isn’t recycled), one easy switch to being some-more tolerable is to start celebration out of a potion H2O bottle.

Bkr has done that easy interjection to a stylish designs, that have incited a reusable bottle into some-more of an accessory. It’s a tack on each aptness influencer’s Instagram feed and large celebs like Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Reese Witherspoon, and some-more have been speckled toting their rainbow Bkrs around.

If you’ve been eyeing a Bkr yourself though couldn’t move yourself to bombard out $40 for an dull bottle (we don’t censure you), now’s your chance. Several of them are on sale for 30 percent off during Sephora. Bottles that were $40 are now $28 and bottles that were $38 are now $26.

What unequivocally creates a BPA-free Bkr bottle mount out is a colored silicone sleeve, and we can take your collect from blue, neon yellow, pink, teal, and even one with a heart print. Shop them all, below.


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