The Hovding 2.0 cycle airbag unequivocally can reinstate your bike helmet


Hövding. Heard of it? No, good it’s an airbag for cyclists to strengthen them in box of an accident. If you’re wondering what’s so good about it, consternation no longer – it means we don’t indeed need to wear a cycle helmet. Seriously. And yes, it unequivocally does take a bit of removing used to. 

Essentially, it’s a waterproof collar designed for commuters – a shred of cyclings who are many expected to have an accident. It’s CE approved – that helmets also have to be. It works regulating accelerometers that detect patterns of transformation equivalent with the transformation you’d knowledge in a crash. The airbag is afterwards deployed.

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The bag entirely activates in 0.1 seconds in a eventuality of an accident. Crucially it’s designed to ensure that not usually a conduct though also a cyclist’s neck is protected, by holding it safely in place.

Of course, one of a categorical problems with a device like this is indeed a notice of a device from other highway users and cyclists; people will ask because you’re not wearing a helmet. Coincidentally, wearing a helmet with the Hövding collar will indeed have an inauspicious outcome says a manufacturer, causing problems with a airbag deployment. 

There’s also a trust emanate of march – a helmet’s insurance we can see in front of you…but do we trust an airbag to deploy?

The £219 device comes in 3 sizes and was recognised creatively in Malmo, Sweden good over a decade ago. This is a second prolongation chronicle that facilities several design improvements over a original. It’s a outcome of endless investigate and even facilities a black box-type device that enables Hovding to remember a seconds before a crash. It annals a cyclist’s physique movements during 200 times per second to detect for an accident.

Researchers during Stanford University carried out a investigate with a strange Hövding airbag and found in a investigate that a density and rigidity of a Hövding helmet is “near perfect” in terms of safeguarding opposite concussion and conduct injuries caused by accidents.

They reckon that there is an eight-fold rebate in a risk of concussion with a Hövding airbag compared to normal helmets.

Head of Hövding Fredrik Carling, says that a association is “aware of over 800 cases where Hövding’s airbag has potentially saved a cyclist’s life in an accident.”

So what do we have to do with a collar on a daily basis? Place it turn your neck (it’s sincerely complicated during 645g and not a many gentle if it’s hot). Then we need to activate a device with a symbol on a zip pull. There’s a cover that goes around a airbag, done of durable black fabric. You can buy other covers for a rather high £40. 

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A light will let we know when a battery energy is low; and it charges around USB. A charged battery lasts for approximately 9 hours of riding. It’s costly though if we don’t like a cycle helmet it could be an choice you’d like to check out. 

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