The Man Who Bet It All on Bitcoin, and Still Believes


In 2017, bitcoin seemed roughly unstoppable as investors and consumers poured income into a cryptocurrency.

For one Dutch businessman and father of three, it was a year to make a radical change. Didi Taihuttu sole roughly all he owned, including his business, residence and car, and put all that income into bitcoin. He gamble all he had, and all his family had, on a decentralized cryptocurrency future.

When Mr. Taihuttu initial bought into bitcoin in Feb 2017—with a cost around $1,000—he told The Wall Street Journal he was “in it for a prolonged run.” He hold on to his investment even as it strike ancestral highs of roughly $20,000. Then came a bitcoin crash.

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When we subsequent held adult with Mr. Taihuttu in Apr 2018, a value had forsaken by around two-thirds. Nevertheless, Mr. Taihuttu pronounced he still had “the same volume of bitcoins” and was enjoying a life with his mother and kids “out of a system” on a beach in Thailand. From there, he and his family took to a roads of Europe in a campervan, exploring all a places where bitcoin was supposed as a means of payment.

In this part of Moving Upstream, we follow a yearlong tour of Didi Taihuttu and his family, as he seeks to find a new, cryptocurrency approach of life.

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