The Secret to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Intense Love Might Lie In their Venus Signs


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Have we listened a news? About Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra? They’re like, so in love, we guys. 

Oh what’s that? You have heard? Really, that’s no surprise, given a 26-year-old and his 36-year-old bride have been flash their attribute during any turn, from their 3 (highly publicized) matrimony receptions, to their consistent Instagram PDA, to any paparazzi-tailed eventuality in between. 

But there competence be something to that over-the-top adore character of theirs, and it goes over usually their normal object signs (Nick is a Virgo and Priyanka is a Cancer). 

For InStyle’s weekly astrological harmony column, The Fault In Our Stars’ Stars, we teamed adult with Courtney Perkins of a freakishly accurate (and hilarious) @notallgeminis astrological Instagram comment to break down because Nick and Priyanka can’t seem to get adequate of any other (or a spotlight). 

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The couple: 

After throwing his large mangle as a pre-teen with his large bros in The Jonas Brothers, a youngest of a contingent struck out for solo bullion in 2014. He’s parlayed his post-boyband celebrity into a array of other projects, including a judging gig for a Miss USA manifestation (where he met ex Olivia Culpo) as good as some behaving jobs, including roles in Jumanji as good as a Ryan Murphy-produced dramedy Scream Queens.  

Though she’s usually been a domicile name in a U.S. given 2015, when she began starring as a lead in a ABC play Quantico, Chopra has been in a party biz for some-more than a decade. The singer stepped into a spotlight as Miss World in 2000, and has given seemed in some-more than 50 Bollywood productions. Most recently, she’s picked adult stateside film credits, including a purpose in 2017’s Baywatch and a upcoming Isn’t It Romantic, which hits theaters in Feb of subsequent year. When she’s not bustling with her on-screen roles, she’s using Purple Pebble Productions, that develops cinema opposite India’s informal film industries. Oh, and she’s a tech financier with a YouTube array in a works. we consider that covers it? 

Her sign: 

Cancer: According to Compatible Astrology, Cancers are famous for their tenderness and sensitivity, heading them to be “champions of their desired ones. They will fiercely strengthen and urge their lovers.”

And, “when rubbed with caring and honour they blossom, giving friendship and faithfulness for life.” 

His sign: 

Virgo: “Virgos are mostly delayed to tumble in love,” reads a outline by Compatible Astrology that seems to protest what we know about Jonas’ lightning-fast relationship. “Conservative by inlet … They conclude a approach and respectful lover, prizing probity and honesty over presumably outlandish flirting styles.”

From what we’ve listened about their courtship, it would check out that Priyanka’s approach communication character — in response to his outlandish gestures — might have won his heart. 

The relationship: 

Though they’ve usually been central for reduction than a year, a broadside of their adore is on another level. From honeyed Instagrams in that they gush over any other, to not one, not dual though three matrimony receptions (calm down, there were usually two matrimony ceremonies), this integrate usually couldn’t keep still about their mania with one another. 

According to their Vogue cover story, a romance all began when Nick slid into Priyanka’s DMs — though she fast gave him a existence check, vouchsafing him know that her group could review her messages and that Jonas should pierce their review elsewhere. 

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Nick Priyanka Reception

But a diversion of cat-and-mouse didn’t finish there. When they finally met in chairman after some texting flirtation, Jonas got down on one knee — not to introduce marriage, though to declare, “‘You’re real. Where have we been all my life?’” 

Their initial date, in 2016, was a bit on a PG side (Jonas pronounced goodbye to his now-wife with a pat on a back), and it wasn’t until a year after that they saw any other again at a Met Ball, where they were guest of engineer Ralph Lauren. But things changed fast from afterwards on, and Nick due in July in Crete on a day after her birthday. The rest, of course, is history.

If there’s one anecdote that best sums adult Jonas’s uber-romantic, over-the-top love for his new wife, it’s this: During their normal Indian ceremony, they walked around a glow together 7 times to designate a 7 lives they’ll spend together. However, Jonas told Vogue that he believes they’re already on their third or fourth as a couple. But regardless, “I’ll take 7 more,” he said. *Wipes tear.*

The harmony breakdown: 

Perkins’s clever reading of their compatibility goes over usually their object signs. “Their Venus signs are also a good match,” she explains. “Your Venus pointer indicates how we adore and wish to be loved, so it’s a good place to check if you’ll be romantically compatible.”

“Priyanka’s Venus pointer is in a atmosphere pointer Gemini, that means that she connects over a mind, humor, and conversation, and needs amicable stimulation,” adds Perkins. We’d theory that a everlasting slew of matrimony activities depends as “social stimulation,” no? 

“Nick’s Venus pointer is in Libra, another atmosphere pointer that tends to be captivated to fun, sparkling partners. Libra is a pointer of a satisfactory diplomat, always peaceful to hear both sides, so they conclude a Gemini appetite of discussion.” 

All in all: Their intrigue was a small unconventional, sure, though they’re both drawn to any other’s passion for conversation, excitement. Let us be a initial to contend they nailed that whole “excitement” part. 


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