This $12 Drugstore Foundation Always Gets Me Compliments


I have a confession: I’m a substructure snob. My favorite ones tend to be on a status finish of a spectrum (as in I’m not fearful to bombard out $64 for a bottle), though that’s usually since we hadn’t found a drugstore substructure to unequivocally win me over. Then, one day we forgot to move my common accumulate of makeup to a gym and motionless to try some new products that had recently landed on my desk. One of them was Maybelline’s new Superstay Full Coverage Powder Foundation and, we child we not, 3 people complimented me that day and told me how good my skin looked. we tested it for a full work day and fast fell in love. Here’s why.

The finish looks like tangible skin

The coverage is so healthy and undetectable we had people indeed seeking me what my skincare slight is. And we practical it in a rush, so we didn’t even have time to unequivocally primary a skin with anything other than my common SPF moisturizer! Using a round consume applicator a compress comes with, we dabbed it all over. At first, it looked powdery, though with a regard of my skin staid in to give me a filtered, skin-like finish.

It is truly full-coverage—and lightweight

As someone who suffers from an disproportionate skin tone, we am all about full-coverage foundations. That being said, a lot of them lay unequivocally complicated and cake-y on a skin. Maybelline’s regulation feels like air. Because it isn’t so thick, we can covering as perfect or ambiguous as we want. A small goes a prolonged way.

It’s truly matte

I have multiple skin that tends to get really greasy mid-afternoon on my chin, nose, and forehead. When we initial tested this foundation, we practical it around 9AM and did a check-in during 9PM—my skin still looked flawless. we usually had to hold adult with a environment powder once and a coverage stuck.

It is mess-free

I am guilty of requesting my makeup on open transportation, in a backs of cabs, and other reduction than ideal situations. The pivotal is adhering to products that won’t brief all over—and we never have to worry with this pulpy powder.

The compress has a built-in mirror.

One reduction thing to lift in my purse, either we need to see if we need to hold adult or there’s something in my teeth. Details matter!


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