This Thong Is So Comfortable It Feels Like Im Not Wearing Underwear during All


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As women, many of us have supposed carrying underwear wedged adult a butts is a improved choice than a dreaded VPL (visible panty line). From a initial time we wore spandex pants, my mom upheld down this camisole protocol, and I’ve never looked behind since.

My initial swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret is as inbred in my memory as a indents I’m certain it left on my skin. It had a gray effervescent rope with minimal widen — excellent — though a misfortune partial was a tangible swimsuit part. There was a small fibre triangle that led to a fibre done of a accurate same unbending effervescent material. Regardless of my discomfort, we schooled to laugh and bear it — it was improved than grinning and baring underwear lines in a propagandize hallways!

With age (and creation in a women’s slip industry), I’ve been means to find some-more gentle materials and styles of underwear. I’ve even found seamless full underwear that’s totally well-spoken underneath my clothes. But no matter what camisole I’ve worn, we can still feel that my underwear is there. It’s not always uncomfortable, though infrequently it bunches underneath my garments a tad some-more than I’d prefer, or thick edging bands get disfigured and bulkier, or my swimsuit gets wedgied usually a little too far.

Things all altered when we review about a bra by Negative Underwear that was so comfortable, it had sole out 10 times. we started wearing a relating underwear set from a brand, a Silky Non-Wire Bra ($65; and a Silky Thong ($30; both in a White Albatross design, that forsaken this past August. The plain black and pink colorways cost somewhat reduction during $28 than a patterned options.

The bra is certainly comfortable, yes, though that didn’t unequivocally warn me. I’m usually a B cup, so I’m not inexperienced to understanding wireless bandeau styles. This thong, on a other hand, repelled me. For one, a rope immediately gave me flashbacks of my initial thongs that would literally snap opposite my skin if we wasn’t clever when putting them on.

I literally shuddered (albeit faintly) a initial time we tugged on a Negative Underwear Silky Thong band, though a element was so soothing and open that zero unequivocally happened. There was no thespian snap opposite my skin or need to lift that most to get a underwear on. The rope rests totally prosaic and kindly opposite my waist, remaining well-spoken and invisible underneath my jeans or other garments all day.

Second of all, what swimsuit can’t we feel in your butt? Your butt’s healthy state is not with a square of fabric between a cheeks, so even if we consider your underwear is on a gentle side we can still during slightest feel it. Not this one, my friends.

One of a brand’s slogans is aptly “Underwear we wish to live in,” and partial of a company’s success can be credited to a “back to a basics” genius pervasive in their designs. The bras and underwear are done “for women, by women” and abandon a bells and whistles typically featured on women’s slip for entirely researched materials and deliberate, organic character choices.

The underwear comes in 4 sizes — 0, 1, 2, and 3 — and there’s a useful apparatus on Negative Underwear’s site we can use to sign your bra size. we overtly wouldn’t trust a turn of comfort and seamlessness of Negative Underwear’s Silky Thong if we hadn’t attempted it for myself, though a code is famous for offered out so I’m clearly not a initial to locate on.

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