This Week in Ezra Miller Fashion: A Glam Rock Swan


Another week, another event for Crimes of Grindelwald star and witchy greyhound Ezra Miller to slay a red runner with a lewk. Last week, Miller, whose whole aura is like if Liza Minnelli hosted Blue’s Clues, showed adult during a Paris premiere of his new film in a Moncler by Pierpaolo Piccioli garb that was giving Little Edie from Grey Gardens meets Missy Elliott from “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).”

But if we suspicion Miller’s Pope x Patagonia outfit was a pinnacle, greatfully consider again. The raven-haired, razor-cheekboned performer showed adult during a UK premiere of a latest Harry Potter complement in a radiant white, feathery plume tip and pants, a confidant about-face from a dim Mother Suspiria lewk he put together final week.

Here’s what we adore about this: everything.

The tip is giving me Big Bird as an individualist retirement who motionless to stop dyeing. The bottom is giving me carol member in Anything Goes. What’s not to love?

And a head! Highlighting his face and peaked hair with silver, he looks like he’s giving we Lady Gaga personification Sid Vicious, that is not a thing we knew we indispensable though now we can’t consider of anything else.

On his hands, he’s penned a Unforgivable Curse from a Harry Potter star over and over again, as if he’s a broody high-school bad boy, slouching in a behind of a classroom and watchful for a day he can shun this tactless Muggle world.

He’s Christian Slater in Heathers meets Winona Ryder in Heathers meets Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands meets Winona Ryder in Black Swan. Okay, he’s only Winona Ryder!

No shade, though he also reminds me of a partial of The Golden Girls where they dressed adult like plantation animals.

I can’t unsee it and conjunction can you, now. Somehow, we consider that was partial of his lookbook.

Ezra Miller, giving we “literal angel of death,” giving we “Bob Mackie doesn’t know ducks,” giving we “pillow quarrel with Toni Collette in Velvet Goldmine” is clearly a many illusory savage of all.

Can’t wait for subsequent week’s lewk!


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