Tibi Pre-Fall 2019


News first: Tibi has strictly launched men’s. Ssense picked adult a smattering of men’s looks that seemed on Amy Smilovic’s open runway and will be incubating a collection for during slightest a yearlong exclusive. “We didn’t unequivocally know we were drumming into something new in a market,” Smilovic pronounced during a pre-fall preview. “Ssense unequivocally believes there’s a whole area blank for soothing tailoring. Men’s doesn’t unequivocally have any immature engineer correlation. There’s zero for a man who’s like, ‘I wish to compensate a small some-more than contemporary and a lot reduction than engineer and we don’t wish to be street.’”

In terms of a pre-fall lineup during large, Smilovic focused on lightening things adult in terms of attitude, a clarity of humor. “We never do a theme, per se, though we were feeling a need to shake things adult a bit, gripping on a lane of updating classics, and a small bit of not holding yourself so severely felt right,” she said. “We adore suiting and a genuine civic palette, though we wanted to interpose it with a inlet vibe.” Nothing was funny-ha-ha, though there were moments of cheekiness, for example, an oversize women’s fit cinched with a supersized, Eighties-inspired belt with bullion alligators organised in what looked a bit like a 6 and a nine. A modernist handkerchief dress in worldly colorblocks was printed with ants. Another long-sleeve dress was printed in pale kaleidoscopic swirls subsequent from a selected termite farm. Smilovic changed her minimalist, civic needle in a instruction of inlet by color, such as green, yellow, brown, nightfall mauve. The collection strike a bull’s-eye on a space  that she has savvily targeted given re-branding a few years ago: women who wish to compensate some-more than contemporary, a lot reduction than engineer and wish to be chic.


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