Timothée Chalamet Just Wore A Bedazzled Harness to The Golden Globes


Activities that need a harness: stone climbing, high-lining, rival horseback riding, uncanny sex games, and if you’re Timothée Chalamet: a Golden Globes endowment show.

The really (very!) cold child each lady had a vanquish on from 4th to 12th class stepped onto tonight’s red runner sporting a recreational tool. Chalamet interconnected a apparatus with an all-black ensemble, a full conduct of hair, smoldering good looks, and a Cool Mom.


The strap is tradition Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh. The pieces that walked down a runway during a men’s spring/summer ’19 uncover were plain—unbefitting of Chalamet or a Golden Globes. The pivotal component of Chalamet’s strap is a bedazzled nature, a qualification hour flair, a same flicker in his eye that a teen heartthrob has when he spots a peach. Never forget Chalamet is a museum child during heart and a sparkly strap is a many theater-kid object in a universe. Got a late night dress operation for Pippin during 9:30pm? There’s a glisten strap for that. Should we have been expel as Roger in a Rent TV remake? Show them with a flicker harness.

And like with any good Hypebeast, there’s a good lady behind them propping them up, appropriation cops, and watchful in line during third-period algebra. Chalamet’s mom is also wearing garments designed by Abloh, from his possess line Off-White. “MOM!”


Abloh’s disciples have strike a red runner and all that’s left is for Chalamet to win a “Golden Globe,” appreciate his “Mom,” not content his partner back, and post one meant fit pic.


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