Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2019


Everyone knows a significance of pre-collections to pushing business in terms of their size, operation and time on a sales floor. Rather than concur to a blurb realities of a collection by watering down a aesthetics, Ulla Johnson sought to move her pre-fall lineup adult to a runway-level of her categorical seasons. “We wanted to emanate beautiful, impactful pieces and unequivocally broach something that has a uninformed indicate of perspective and is a labor of adore we dedicate to a runway,” she said. The collection showed her abyss and operation over a flattering boho frocks for that she’s known.

The baseline for Johnson’s work is increasingly sophisticated, with a cold tragedy between sturdy, manly fabrics and light, fluttery soothing things. She powered adult silhouettes with an Eighties vibe, display saturated slim pants and jackets with puffed sleeves. A self-described tone junkie, she took her palette from a work of Milton Avery and Gauguin’s Tahitian works, zoning in on a absolute multiple of marigold and teal. It seemed on floral dresses and on a unenlightened hand-knit sweater with clusters of flowers knitted around a neckline ragged with high-waisted string teal pants. Johnson’s fabric treatments were heightened. There were clever poison cleared denim, entirely festooned skirts and smocks, and hand-knit ponchos and lax tailored jackets in herringbone patterns.

Accessories are growing, with a operation of cunning bags and shoes, including torpedo python-printed boots that complemented and extended a clothes’ clever clarity of settlement and tone from conduct to toe.


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