Using Government of India’s DigiLocker yet? Here’s how we do it


Keeping a earthy copies of critical papers protected is a pain indicate for many. We mostly come opposite people who remove / displace critical papers like PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, pushing license, voter’s ID etc.

Government of India, as partial of a Digital India initiative, motionless to assistance adults tackle this problem. In 2015, Centre introduced a digital resolution to this problem of wanting important, mostly government-issued documents, in a form of a mobile focus – DigiLocker.

This Aadhaar-based platform, a locker where adults can keep their papers protected on cloud storage, is accessible for download and is operative utterly good for a people. The thought is to revoke a use of physical, strange documents.

Here’s how it works:


Sign adult regulating your Aadhaar label number

For this to work, however, we need a mobile series that is related to your Aadhaar number. In box we had given a landline series during a time of enrolling for Aadhaar, we will have to go to an Aadhaar centre nearby we and get a series altered to a mobile number.

Alternatively, we can pointer adult regulating your mobile number, Google and Facebook accounts, though for a focus to do what it is meant to, Aadhaar formation is mandatory.

Once we pointer adult with your Aadhaar label number, we will strech this page (on a Android app).

Since your Aadhaar corroboration has been completed, a app shows that we have “1 Issued Documents”.

Under notifications, we can see messages observant we can get several papers you’d wish to store on a app, that is, on a cloud.


Example: Getting your driver’s license

On a Android app, we can possibly go to a add-on called “ISSUED” and hunt for a papers we wish a focus to fetch, or we can simply click on a notifications seen on a “DASHBOARD” page.

For instance, suppose we wish a focus to fetch your driver’s license. Click on a presentation and we will be taken to this page –

Your name as on your Aadhaar label will be already manifest there. Key in your pushing permit series in a following format –


For instance, if a series on your driver’s permit is 13/456/2008 and it was released in Kerala’s Kannur district, we will have to pivotal in “KL1320080000456” as your number.

KL – Code for Kerala

13 – Code for Kannur

2008 – Year of issuance

0000 – Four zeroes given your series has usually 3 digits (456)

456 – Number

In box a series on your driver’s permit is 13/2840/2009 and it was released in Kerala’s Kanur district, we will have to pivotal in “KL1320090002840” as your number.

KL – Code for Kerala

13 – Code for Kannur

2009 – Year of issuance

000 – Three zeroes given your series has 4 digits (2840)

2840 – Number

In a second field, enter a name on your license. For instance, if your permit says S/W/D of Ramesh Kumar, we enter Ramesh Kumar.

Tick a checkbox and click on “Get Document”.


On clicking a “Get document” tab, we will be redirected to a home page or a “DASHBOARD” page and a summary will be displayed observant “Your request is saved in Issued Documents section.”

You can note that a series of “Issued Documents” has turn “2”.


You can hunt for all a papers we need a focus to fetch and repeat a process. The fields we have to fill in will change as per document. You can see all a fetched papers underneath a “ISSUED” tab.


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