Victoria’s Secret Model Slammed for "Fat-Shaming" After Exercising and Eating Fruit in Front of In-N-Out Customers


Victoria’s Secret indication Kelly Gale follows a really despotic diet to get her physique in tip-top runway shape, one that doesn’t include In-N-Out burgers or Neapolitan shakes or animal character fries (I know, we know) — a indicate she done ridiculously transparent during a new tour to a fast-food chain.

2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party

The 23-year-old found herself during a core of a debate after she posted a array of Instagram videos in that she’s seen eating a pear inside a grill and after exercising on a tables outward of a chain.

In a Instagram story, that was performed by E!, Gale sits with a crony during a table, saying, “We’re during … In-N-Out? So, we theory I’m carrying my pear,” before holding a bite.

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In another clip, a Angel is shown jumping wire and practicing her lunges — all while still during In-N-Out, captioning a post, “Who else works out during In-N-Out?”

“Not gonna feign that we eat here guys means we don’t,” she combined on another post. The story finished with a star receiving a grocery bag full of vegetables as a prerogative for all of her tough work.

As to be expected, a video garnered a lot of recoil online, with many people accusing a indication of fat-shaming In-N-Out customers; they also criticized her for sportive directly in front of a restaurant.

Others, however, sided with her comments, observant that she was sketch courtesy to healthy lifestyle.

While it’s loyal that models have, in a past, been criticized for posing with burgers and pizzas “for a ‘gram” when those dishes are not indeed a partial of their diets, Gale’s preference to make her indicate in front of other business perplexing to suffer a dish is not, perhaps, a best approach to make her point. 

Regardless of Gale’s intentions with a videos, a recoil positively isn’t assisting Victoria’s Secret. The brand has dealt with utterly a bit in a past few months, including aftershocks of a PR disaster after their arch selling officer Ed Razek made offensive comments about transgender models.

For a brand’s sake, hopefully things start to spin around.


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