Weird and smashing life-changing tech from around a world


Technology is constantly evolving, some of it is uncanny and wonderful, some entirely useful and means of changing a lives for a better. 

We’ve been on a surveillance for some of a many engaging gadgets and gizmos from around a world. The tech we’ve found usually scratches a aspect of how implausible things can get. 

Come with us on a tour of technological find and marvel during what’s on offer. 

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Wind HorseWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 2

Edible assist drones

There’s no softened altruistic tech use than disaster service – putting gadgets to work to assist those many in need during unfortunate times is a ultimate tellurian endeavour.

We’ve seen technologies employed in opposite ways to assistance save and assist people in regions that have been strike by healthy disasters (tsunamis for example), yet this is one of a many interesting.

The Pouncer is an inexpensive worker that’s designed to be means to strech remote disaster areas where roads are blocked or impassable. The drone can not usually broach life-saving resources yet is also means of carrying a wings pressed with food to yield living for those in need. The support can also be deconstructed and used for firewood, while coverings can be used for shelter. A shining pattern concept. 

JellyDropsHydrationWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 3

Jelly Drops for people with dementia

These elementary small Jelly Drops were invented to solve a problem with dementia. Those pang from insanity mostly have issues from memory detriment and problems with bland tasks including elementary medical like celebration adequate water. As a result, a sufferers can turn indisposed utterly fast due to dehydration. 

Lewis Hornby set about elucidate this problem, initial by sensory damage techniques and practical existence collection to knowledge what life competence be like for a aged pang with these problems, afterwards by researching how to emanate super-hydrating foods.

Jelly Drops are a result. These charming drops are done from 90 per cent H2O and embody additional reduction to serve support hydration. They’re flavoured and phony to make them some-more interesting and contrast found people with insanity were some-more expected to eat lots of them than remember to splash water. The life-saving intensity for this elementary resolution speaks for itself. 

Seabin ProjectWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 4

Seabin sea wickedness removal

Pollution of a oceans with cosmetic balderdash is an ever-growing problem. There are several opposite technologies being designed to assistance fight this emanate by cleaning balderdash from a seas, Seabin is one such solution.

This elementary bit of tech works like a drain, collecting balderdash as it washes over a edge of a bin. Similar, incomparable scale systems have been grown to cover bigger tools of a sea and mislay waste, yet this is a brilliantly elementary instance that we love. 

See it in movement in a video. 

designincubationcentreWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 5

Touch-hear content recognition

This record indeed dates behind a few years now, yet we favourite it for a intensity applications. Touch-hear content approval reads difference to we as we run your finger over them in a book. 

Not certain how to pronounce a word? Need a translation? Need to find out some-more about a word on a page? The probable applications for this device are incredible. It could also theoretically urge lives for a visually marred too. 

University of CambridgeWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 1

Artificial embryos

Scientific advancements can be both strange and terrifying in their intensity during a same time. Embryologists from Cambridge University have been operative on formulating embryos regulating usually branch cells. 

These scientists rescued that fixation branch cells delicately together could outcome in a cells communicating and backing adult in an embryo-like manner. This self-organisation of cells shows a intensity for fake embryos being combined in a destiny yet any spermatazoa or egg. The subsequent step? Artificial tellurian embryos.

HeliteWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 7

Hip’Safe tumble insurance airbags for seniors

As people get aged and thin in after years, they mostly turn disposed to falls and tumbles that could potentially outcome in critical injuries. 

Hip’Safe is a wearable airbag that’s designed to increase when a tumble is rescued – ensuing in protecting atmosphere cushions softening a impact before a wearer hits a ground. A shining resolution that could simply save lives and assistance keep a aged protected opposite a world.  

See a video here. 

enchromaWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 8

Glasses that assistance a colourblind see colour

Colourblindness is a problem that affects 1 in 12 group and 1 in 200 women – definition roughly 3 million people in a UK alone are colourblind as are millions some-more around a world. 

The condition is caused by a approach the retinal cone cells respond to light and how a mind interprets a information it sees. Usually, this is due to carrying an overlapping response to lightwaves creation it tough to heed between colours. 

A elementary resolution came about after over a decade of investigate and contrast in a form of EnChroma sunglasses. These eyeglasses have lenses that selectively mislay sold wavelengths of light to opposite a overlie problem. They, therefore, concede wears to see colours as a routinely sighted chairman would or during slightest get a some-more transparent and charming perspective of a world. 

See a greeting of a first-time wearer here. 

Augmented existence eyeglasses that assistance a blind see

These are protracted existence eyeglasses designed to assistance a visually marred to see like never before.  

Researchers during Oxford University worked on a growth of these intelligent glasses. The eyeglasses are done to assistance people who have some steer detriment by giving them information about their vicinity to assistance them go about their bland lives.

This tech radically allows wearers to get a softened perspective of a universe and assistance them live life to a fullest. It is hoped that these intelligent eyeglasses good assistance renovate many lives in a future. 

See these eyeglasses in movement here.

Dog mind reader

From a useful, to a maybe officious daft, record has it all. This jigger is dictated for use with man’s best friend. Strap it on to your pet pooch and a microcomputer and EEG tech congested inside will review and analyse your dog’s brainwaves them interpret them into tellurian difference around a connected speaker. 

During contrast No More Woof was means to detect countless thoughts and interpret them into debate for things such as “Who are you?”, “I’m hungry” and “I’m tired”. No some-more perplexing to suss out barking or tail wagging in destiny perhaps?

Landmine dismissal drones

It is estimated that there are around 110,000,000 landmines deployed around a universe in around 65 countries. These mines are left over from decades of wars and conflict. They means over 6,000 casualties a year and it is suspicion that it will take scarcely 1,000 years to transparent them all with stream methods. 

That’s where Mine Kafon comes in. These are landmine dismissal drones designed to mislay dangerous mines yet putting people into harm’s way. Numerous drones have been built to assistance transparent areas while gripping costs down – both financial and human. Making a softened universe for people in a regions and saving lives during a same time. 

Musical marbles

This square of tech doesn’t technically change lives, yet it is a pretentious work of low-pitched art. A hulk wooden appurtenance that plays song regulating 2,000 marbles.

It has to be seen and listened to enjoyed fully, so be certain to watch a video. 

Stadtwerke AugsburgWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 13

Warning lights for smartphone addicts

Smartphone obsession is a genuine thing and if we demeanour there are copiousness of examples of people removing harm while not looking where they’re going since they’re too bustling on their smartphone.

In Germany Stadtwerke Augsburg, a public-works provider is wise initial warning lights to a building nearby walking crossings. These lights are meant to locate a courtesy of smartphone users and potentially save their lives. A shining idea, yet unequivocally something we shouldn’t need.

LekaWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 14

A fondle to assistance autistic children socialise

People with autism mostly humour from issues in amicable situations struggling with normal romantic responses, yet also interactions with others. Difficulties embody problems bargain gestures, facial expressions, elementary instruction and more. This can lead to issues with amicable skills that can make it tough for kids to make friends. 

In stairs Leka, a small interactive and multi-sensory fondle built to rivet with children and assistance them learn liberty and life skills by interactive play. It’s also customisable and means of being blending to a child’s specific needs too. 

SteetmitWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 15

Solar row roads and exhilarated roadways

Roads, roads, everywhere. Tarmac is so old-school now though. Some crafty boffins have come adult with a thought of replacing customary roadways with photovoltaic solar panels encased in textured glass. The thought has indeed been tested in several Countries embody a US and France.

The judgment directed during assisting beget electricity for a inhabitant grid, while also providing protected roads for drivers. The panels are textured and exhilarated preventing problems with ice and sleet in a colder months. This theoretically creates roads both some-more ecological and safer too. 

zaobaoWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 16

Luminous roads

In Singapore, walking reserve is being softened by a use of glow-in-the-dark paths. These areas are combined regulating a reduction of materials including gravel, grass, petrify and non-toxic UV interesting minerals. The outcome is a trail that absorbs light during a daytime and uses a UV rays to evacuate a protected heat during night. Simple reserve for a masses – something everybody can appreciate. 

NovoEd/RipleysWeird and smashing life-changing technologies from around a universe picture 17

Umbrella tie

Finishing off with something somewhat some-more amusing, yet still useful. This invention from Japan is a elementary tie for a common businessman that usually so happens to double adult as a unstable umbrella. Could come in accessible with winter on a way.   


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