Who Wants to Work during Glossier?


Glossier is confronting a government deficit.

The latest executive to leave a direct-to-consumer darling is Henry Davis, who was boss of a no-makeup makeup code given 2014. He also served as arch handling officer until July, when he transitioned to arch financial officer.

Davis’ depart follows that of Matt Weiler, who had formerly headed financial and left a business to take a pursuit as cfo of Daily Harvest, and clamp president, artistic executive Helen Steed, who left for an group job.

The association is now pronounced to be on a hunt for both a arch handling officer and cfo, withdrawal Emily Weiss, Glossier’s owner and arch executive officer, radically alone in a C-suite.

A source with believe of Glossier pronounced there are “no issues” behind a scenes, and that a association has kick tip and bottom line financial forecasts. The source chocked a departures adult to start-up flourishing heedfulness and certain employees “tenuring out.”

Some attention sources were astounded by Davis’ departure, observant that behind a scenes he was frequently a one holding meetings while Weiss played a most some-more forward-facing role.

Another consultant speculated that it’s expected Glossier is simply relocating into proviso dual and looking to sinecure experts in their fields. Davis’ credentials is in try capital, where he worked during Index Ventures, an financier in Glossier.

Like many start-ups, a long-term devise behind a scenes during Glossier is pronounced to embody an initial open offering, something Weiss has been vehement about. In an talk with WWD in March, Davis pronounced they were “going to build as large of a business” as they could. Weiss added, “If an IPO is a best approach for us to get there, afterwards we’ll do that.”

In a matter Wednesday, Davis said: “Five years ago, we sealed on to work with Emily since we common a prophesy for a new form of tech-driven, direct-to-consumer company. Over a years, this group has proven that building a business alongside your business is a destiny — not usually in a universe of beauty, though for all internet-first brands. Emily is truly a generation-defining entrepreneur, and we couldn’t be some-more bullish about Glossier’s destiny as we embark on first my possess company.”

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