Your Guide to a Dogs of a 2020 Presidential Race


We’re over a year divided from a election, though a 2020 debate is already ruff. Fur is drifting in a dog-eat-dog universe of contemporary politics, as a fusillade of possibilities try to remonstrate a American open to chuck them a bone. It all seems a small much, that is since it’s critical to postponement for a impulse and commend what’s unequivocally critical here. Yes, we should investigate a positions of a possibilities and examination their taxation earnings and review a thousand temperate prohibited takes about a approach they pierce by a world, though a many critical criteria for a intensity destiny boss is “Do we like their dog?”

Like many complicated presidents before them, many of a 2020 possibilities have distinguished pets who are hidden a spotlight. Notably, a stream president, Cruella de Vil, does not have a dog since he does not like anything that diverts concentration from him. So, while this beam might seem paw-tisan (I’ll stop; we promise), we’re indeed usually stating a contribution about who has a dog and either we would opinion for that dog and if that dog would win an MSNBC Dog Debate, arrange of like a Puppy Bowl though with Sarah McLaughlan singing while a garland of glorious puppers ran around podiums.



Candidate: Elizabeth Warren

Breed: Golden retriever

Social media handle: @FirstDogBailey

Fun fact: Bailey is named after a Jimmy Stewart impression in It’s a Wonderful Life, that is a really Elizabeth Warren thing to do. It also appears that Bailey is a usually 2020 dog that assimilated a claimant on theatre during a initial announcement. Bailey is angling for a primary position in a Department of Boneland Security.

Could Bailey kick Trump: Yes.

Truman and Buddy Buttigieg!


Candidate: Pete Buttigieg

Breeds: A puggle (Buddy) and a beagle/lab (Truman)

Social media handle: @firstdogsSB

Fun fact: Both Truman and Buddy are rescue dogs with a ton of personality. They’ve turn so renouned that Buzzfeed done a “Which Buttigieg Dog Are You?” quiz. Truman is presumably named after a former boss and Buddy, I’m guessing, is named after a Elf from Elf. Another fun fact, we would quarrel an army to strengthen a respect of these dogs.

Could Truman and Buddy kick Trump: Without a doubt.

Artemis O’Rourke!


Candidate: Beto O’Rourke

Breed: Black lab

Social media handle: None! A SCANDAL

Fun fact: we am spooky with Artemis! Also, Beto has another dog named Rosie and a cat named Silver, though like Angelina Jolie’s brother, they’re not as meddlesome in a spotlight as their sibling. Another fun fact: Artemis has polished a art of looking condemned by a critical penetrating foreboding about a future.

Could Artemis kick Trump: Totally.

Major and Champ!


Candidate: Joe Biden

Breeds: German shepherd

Social media handle: Shockingly none.

Fun fact: Major is a comparatively new further to a Biden family, while Champ was around during a Obama presidency. Another fun fact: Major is indeed Joe Biden in dog form.

Could Major and Champ kick Trump: They’re vital champs, of course.


Candidate: Kirsten Gillibrand

Breeds: Labradoodle

Social media handle: None 🙁

Fun fact: Maple is a comparatively new further to a Gillibrand family and hasn’t taken as straightforwardly to celebrity as some of these other excellent doggos. But she’s solemnly inching into a spotlight and when she’s prepared to mangle out, a universe is going to be her oyster.

Could Maple kick Trump: Without a doubt.


Candidate: John Hickenlooper

Breeds: Akita-bulldog-chow-chow mix

Social media handle: Grrrr. None.

Fun fact: Skye is an old-pro during a domestic game, carrying hung out in a Colorado governor’s bureau for years and shown adult in mixed photoshoots with Hickenlooper.

Could Skye kick Trump: Yes. Skye could potentially even kick Hickenlooper.

This post will be updated as some-more possibilities come to their senses and get a dog.


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